Monday 25 May 2015

Ode to Mediocrity

O mediocrity!
By that name you're known.
But you have
Many titles, which you
Call your own.
And we, here,
Are mediocre men
Falling under the biggest chunk
Of human segregation.
The chunk of— average men.

Scholars, painters, writers,
You've devoured them all,
As you sit
Beside the artists
(Even the wise ones)
Hidden from the mortal eye,
And when they are oblivious,
You creep, swiftly,
Into their work,
Making it one of your own.

You, with your sister—cliché,
Have spread your clouds
Far and wide.
I apologize for cliché
On behalf of the humans.
'Cause we pedestrians
Stumbled upon an idea— remarkable.
Used it; and used again,
Until she was born.

Sometimes, I think
The problem is within.
Perhaps I'm afraid.
Afraid to take the fall.
But I've been ordinary
For too long
Peradventure I'll seek refuge
Under your nemesis— extremity.
And will confront you, someday,
And will slay you,
With a blade of unparalleled edge.


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