Saturday 27 December 2014

String Theory - All we are is a bunch of strings!

Some wise men have said,
That the universe
Is made of strings, tiny,
Which vibrate in dimensions ten.
Six extra dimensions than
The usual three of space
And the fourth, which is assessed
Using a pendulum
Oscillating in nothingness.[3]

Strings, like the ones of a guitar,
Playing different notes
And different symphonies
Bosons, fermions, electrons[4]
And gravitons to name a few.
This annuls racism among sub-atomics
Since ultimately they're all threads.
Or do you think, a boson
Is superior to a fermion
'cause it swings in a different plane
Or because one of them is called
'The God Particle'?[5]

Strings, oscillating like
The alternation of seasons
Strings, like the thread of relationship
Which stretches and swings
Between its highs and lows
Strings, oscillating like
The advancing and receding waves

All we could be is a painting,
A hologram, simple 3D information
On a two dimensional plane[6]
Living our lives and executing functions
As the painter intended us to.
All we are, are threads
Arranged in a particular fashion
All we are is a bunch of strings!


[1] As the name suggests the poem is on String Theory which hypothesizes that all subatomic particles at the smallest level are just tiny strings vibrating in different planes.
[2] String Theory requires the universe to comprise of 10 dimensions i.e. 9 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension. Please note that there is more than one String Theory and some require a different number of dimensions. For instance, the Bosonic String Theory requires 26 dimensions.
[3] A reference to measurement of time (or the time dimension)
[4] Some of the many particles that String Theory explains or hypothesizes.
[5] 'The God Particle' - a reference to Higgs Boson
[6] The holographic principle or holographic model of universe which suggests that the universe might just be a hologram i.e. 3D information on a 2D plane and everything might be like a painting.

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