Tuesday 7 April 2015

I cried ... and no one should know!

After years of aridity,
In these eyes of mine,
There has been a flood.
The gates holding
All the water back
Might have crumbled
And given up.
But no one should know
'Cause I am too strong.

I'd convincingly enough
Hacked my emotions
Until they bled
And the streams exalted
With their red.
The heaven mourned
Its heart out.
But it didn't stop me.
Then how can I
Succumb to this sudden tempest?
So, no one should know
'Cause I am too strong.

I chose solitude
Over the throng.
Then why have I choked
On this pill of isolation?
And why do I feel
And why —
Every part of me
Seeks a soul
So that I can share,
And cry.
Because tears,
They won't make me weak,
Will they?


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